Visual Bookmark Organization

Looking for an alternative way to manage your bookmarks? ViewMarks might be the solution.

visual bookmark editing

This interesting extension for Firefox will give you customizable thumbnail previews for all of your favorite links.

The idea behind ViewMarks is a simple one.  It gives you an easy and alternative way to organize and use the bookmarks you might visit every single day.  Upon the creation of a bookmark, a preview image is captured and saved to the browser.  You can then use the webpage view of the add-on to navigate through them, organize them, copy them, edit them and more.  It gives you a better visual representation of all your saved links.

Here is a little more about the add-on from the developer:

You can open different bookmark folder in different tabs and directly link to them. Missing preview images are automatically captured when opening a bookmarked web page. All preview images can also be copied to the clipboard and loaded from file.

Give it a shot, if you are looking for a more visual way to navigate through your own collection of saved bookmarks.  You can pick up ViewMarks from the Firefox Add-ons website, or learn more about the project from

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