Moving Your Cache to RAM for Speed Boost

Speed up Firefox in about:config

By tweaking your browser cache settings from within about:config, you could see a ‘bit of a speed boost when it comes to using Firefox on a daily basis.  You see, when images are loaded by default, they can be cached so they don’t need to be redisplayed or looked for again. What we will be editing today will control the maximum amount of memory used for caching images.

Here are the steps you need to take to optimize Firefox in this way:

  • Type about:config into the address bar
  • Type browser.cache into the Filter field
  • Set browser.cache.disk.enable to false (double click it)
  • Set browser.cache.memory.enable to true (double click it)
  • Right click > New > Integer; type browser.cache.memory.capacity; press OK
  • Type in 100000 (this is equivalent to 100 megabytes). A value of -1 will tell Firefox to dynamically determine the cache size depending on how much RAM you have. Press OK, next.
  • Close all Firefox tabs and windows, and then restart the browser

Kudos goes to Download Squad for this great tip. The idea here is that by making this tweak, your pages will load faster.  You tell me though, does it work for you – or is it a placebo?  I have been arguments for both sides since I first found the tip. 

For more information on editing the cache, check out the resource page on it on  They have a nice breakdown on what it could be set to, depending on how much memory you have.

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One Response to Moving Your Cache to RAM for Speed Boost

  1. Niraj Nov/15 at 8:27 am #

    i have set it at 1 gb (yes 1000 mb) for a long time … i do not seem to suffer any problems coz Firefox is the my most used (by a huggge margin) application … but i too am not sure whether it does anything real … i am not even sure that it is a placebo … i have a extesnion which tells me how much of the RAM cache is occupied and it has rarely crossed 200 mb …