Filter Your Firefox Tabs

Search Open Tabs

Have a lot of tabs open, but only need to find those that meet a certain criteria? The Firefox add-on named Tab Filter / Tab Search will give you that ability.  Once installed, this extension lets you only show tabs that match the results you want to see.

To start filtering through all the open tabs, simply right-click on the tab toolbar, and select "Filter Tabs".  This will bring up the menu you see above.  Now, you can type in text to match a title, URL or both to show only the tabs you want to see.  Here is another example from the author of the add-on.

Searches will be matched against the tab’s URL, title or both. Allows " or " conditions ( multiples searches ), and the prefix "-" for word exclusion. Searching "google music -pop, yahoo music -pop" will keep all tabs that contains google and music or yahoo and music, and will hide these containing "pop".

Tab Filter / Tab Search also comes with a handy keyboard shortcut too.  You can simply click Ctrl + Alt + F to show or hide this exceptional tool.  You can download Tab Filter / Tab Search from the Firefox Add-ons website.

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