Amazon Wish List Helper

Amazon Wish List ToolWith Christmas being right around the corner, have you gotten your wish list in order yet? 

Now, I will be honest – it has been a while since I messed around with the wish list feature on Amazon because it was hard to find and point people towards.  However, with the Add to Amazon Wish List Button add-on for Firefox, that task just got a lot easier.

For Amazon wish list users, this extension is a must have.  Once installed, it provides an "add to my wish list" button right into the Firefox toolbar interface.

Amazon Wish List Button

Once you click it, you are given a pop-up window that will let you fill out more details about the product on Amazon you saw and desired.  Here is a little more information about the add-on from

The Amazon Wish List Firefox Add-On is an indispensable tool for Amazon Wish List users. It provides an Add to Wish List button that allows you to add any item from any website to your Wish List. When you navigate to a product page on any website the button will animate and show a + badget, as a subtle reminder that the item can be added to your Wish List.

Hopefully this add-on for Firefox will help you get your own wish list in order.  You can pick it up from the Firefox Add-ons website.

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