25 Most Popular Firefox Support Tips in 2010

Where is my Firefox Profile Folder?

This is a question we get time and time again, so I thought I would post the full listing for where your profile folder is for Mozilla Firefox based on your operating system of choice.

Search from the Address Bar in Firefox

The other day, when we were talking about bringing Chrome features into Firefox, the topic “searching from the address bar” was mentioned.  By default, when you type a word into the address bar by itself, it gives you Google’s “I’m Feeling Lucky” number one result.

More Command Line Firefox Tips

After yesterday’s post about launching tabs from the run box I thought I would share with you some other command line Firefox tips worth getting familiar with.

Backup Firefox Passwords (the Manual Way)

Sure there are tools, downloads and services that may do this for you, but what fun is that?  Just in case you don’t feel the need to download another addition to the browser just yet – here is how you can backup your Firefox saved passwords the manual way.

Create Your Own Firefox Theme

TwisterMc is already one of my favorite Firefox theme designers. All of his work always seems to have it’s own individual characteristics and quirks that make it unique as well. So when it comes to learning how to make your own Firefox theme, why not learn from one of the best?

Recover Lost Passwords in Firefox

You know that sick feeling you get in the pit of your stomach, the one that means either you forgot your mother’s birthday or even worse – your password for your favorite web site. Thankfully if Firefox has been remembering these passwords for you, recovering them in an easy task.

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  1. ADLF Jan/06 at 10:05 pm #

    Useful collection of Firefox related tips. Thanks!
    (You can edit the post’s header image – missing “p” in “Popular”. ;) )