25 Most Popular Firefox Support Tips in 2010

How to Backup Firefox?

I have been getting several e-mails in this month wanting to know my suggestions and tips on what the best way is to backup your Firefox install.

How to Add or Remove Firefox Personas

Firefox Personas, the lightweight themes for the Firefox browser, are still pretty new to the Mozilla user base our there.

How Can I Manage My Firefox Bookmarks?

After you have been on the Web for a while, you collect a ton of bookmarks from Web sites you have visited and want to visit again. Now organizing these and putting them in places where it is easier for you to find them is another task that some might hate to do. So how do you manage your Firefox bookmarks?

Learn to Manage Your Search Engines in Firefox

I got an e-mail from a reader of Firefox Facts, and they wanted to know  how can you re-organize your search engines in Firefox’s search box that lives in most people upper-right hand corner of Firefox.

Learn to Write a Batch File with Firefox

Pardon me if I get a little geeky, but batch files are a great way to get tons of task done via your computer with little or no effort at all. You might have seen them before too – they contain a list of commands or program routines that the computer will execute in sequence. Also another trait they have is they are saved with the .bat extension.

How to Unhide Firefox Toolbars in Full Screen

Recently, I needed to use Firefox in full screen mode, but ran into an annoyance you might have seen.  While the presentation was nice, seeing the web page stretch across my entire monitor when I hit the F11 key, I did not want the address bar and tab bar to disappear.

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  1. ADLF Jan/06 at 10:05 pm #

    Useful collection of Firefox related tips. Thanks!
    (You can edit the post’s header image – missing “p” in “Popular”. ;) )