Firefox 4 Goes 3D in Beta 8

Firefox 4 3D Graphics

Firefox 4 Beta 8 has been released and continues to show us all the promising world that Firefox 4 will deliver once the final product has been released. Along with patching a few glitches and holes, this recent beta also brings better support for Firefox Sync, expanded support for 3D graphics in the browser and a revamped Add-ons Manager window. 

Better Browser Syncing

Mozilla believes that syncing the browser between computers and mobile devices is really where the future is at. Firefox 4 Beta 8 now streamlines the Firefox Sync setup.  This makes it a lot easier to bring the Awesome bar history, bookmarks, open tabs and passwords with you anywhere. 

Add-on Manager Bliss

I am in love with the fact that they are doing more to integrate the Add-ons Manager with the rest of the browsing experience too.  It seems like common sense to put this in a tab, rather than a new popup window. Here is a quick preview of what the list view will look like inside of the new Add-ons Manager.

Firefox 4 Add-ons Manager

3D Graphics Come to Firefox

Rather than explaining the science behind the new 3D graphic support I think this video demonstration of Firefox 4 will give you a much more vivid picture of where the world of browsing might be headed in the future.

Are you excited yet? You can go pick up Firefox 4 Beta 8 from the Firefox 4 Beta website.

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4 Responses to Firefox 4 Goes 3D in Beta 8

  1. PCMike Dec/27 at 8:49 am #

    The 3D stuff looks nice but not very practical. :\

  2. fabrixx Dec/27 at 5:11 pm #

    i want firefox 3d glasses!!

    • fabrixx Dec/27 at 5:32 pm #

      where i can get Caffeinated Fox and Incredible Addon?

  3. Vinayak Jan/04 at 12:19 am #

    today’s firefox is a best application to be used for surfing, bt incase of with addons it goes crashing…
    if the 3d ver is coming in next ver, then how it possible to surf for low cost PCs….
    3d is best, bt they have to work on firefox code not on GUI….
    Graphics is not imp than its working condition….