All-in-one Mozilla Labs Add-on

Bundled Mozilla Labs Goodness

Want to make sure you keep up to date with the latest Mozilla Labs experiments?  You can with one simple plugin.  The Lab Kit plugin for Firefox will securely install add-ons that are being developed by the Mozilla Labs team.  This way, you can stay up to date with some of the neatest innovations without having to remember to update or to check back for new experiments to try.

The experiments currently included with Lab Kit are Test Pilot, Prospector – Speak Words and Contacts.

  • Test Pilot is Firefox’s built in tool to collect feedback through Firefox.  By using it, you are helping Mozilla build a better browser.
  • Prospector – Speak Words helps you easily get to sites that you frequently visit by typing just a few letters in the location bar and having Firefox fill in the rest of the word as well as selecting the first result.
  • Contacts is an experimental add-on from Mozilla Labs, which enhances Firefox  by making it aware of your online contacts and friend lists.

When there are any major updates to the experiments added with Lab Kit, you get a notification in Firefox that allows you to learn more about the update in question.

You can pick up Lab Kit from the Firefox Add-ons website.  The only catch is you must be using Firefox 4.0 Beta 6 or higher.

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