Unfriend Finder for Facebook

Facebook Unfriend Finder

Have you noticed your friend number going down recently? I always kind of wonder who would unfriend me on Facebook and why.  The Unfriend Finder user script will at least help me answer one of those questions.  It will keep track of who unfriends you on Facebook.

The problem is that once you have over 100 friends it is a little hard to keep track of them all.  The Unfriend Finder simply gives you the ability to know when they have unfriended you or their account.  Once installed, you will have 0 unfriends.  When a person removes you or deactivates their account, you will be notified on the new "unfriend" page added to Facebook by this script.

This Unfriend Finder also gives you the ability to know who has not yet accepted your friend request. So if you want to know who is ignoring you – this gives you the real time ability to do just that too.

You will need Greasemonkey installed to make the script work.  Once you have that in place though, head over to unfriendfinder.com and start finding out who is unfriending you on Facebook.

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