Firefox Loves Cookies!

To end the week, check out this fantastic little comic from the creative mind of The Dawn Chapel.


Love this comic? Go support the artist and buy the t-shirt! Also, be sure to go check out for more great art and comics (however, not all Firefox related).

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2 Responses to Firefox Loves Cookies!

  1. Dwight Stegall Jan/09 at 5:55 am #

    You never have to clear cookies if you set up Firefox the right way.

    I have my browsers set up to block all cookies including third-party cookies. Then in the exceptions panel I type in the sites where I have log in accounts. I pin the tabs that I want to open each time I start Firefox. In the Options Panel > General Tab I set Firefox to “Show my windows and tabs from last time”.

    This way I never have to clear cookies and I rarely have to click the log in button.

    I also use the Better Privacy addon to automatically protect the Flash Cookies at these log in sites and clear the rest.

    Now I can surf the web in peace and my spyware scanner rarely finds anything.

  2. Dwight Stegall Jan/09 at 6:05 am #

    I forgot to mention Opera and Safari for Windows are the only two browsers that don’t allow you to do that. I will not reinstall them until they do.

    People that want more security should consider using NOScript, Adblock Plus, and Adblock Plus Helper addons as well.