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Shrink Links with GoogleLooking for an add-on that will let you use the Google link shortener ( right from your right-click menu inside of Firefox? Google Shortener will get the job done. This simple little add-on for the Firefox browser simply gives you a browser-based front end to shorten your own links using the link shortening service.  Is there more under the hood though to this amazingly simple add-on?

Not only will the Google Shortener let you shorten links, it also adds a button to your address bar so you can shorten or expand the URLs in the address bar too.   Google’s URL shortener service is pretty simple itself, so not sure this Firefox add-on could do much more as far as features go, even if it wanted to.

A nice feature they might be able to bring to it would be to show you the detail page of when the link was clicked and some of the basic statistics too.  I have been using the Google URL shortening service via FeedBurner for my Twitter posts for some time, and I do like having those basic features handy.

You can pick up the Google Shortener add-on for Firefox from the Firefox Add-ons website.

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