Home Dash for Firefox 4

Home Dash for Firefox 4

Mozilla Labs has released a very interesting new browser interface you can try out in Firefox 4.  Home Dash for Firefox 4 removes a lot of the Firefox user interface and gives you what they call "Browse-Based Browsing".  It really does bring a radically different way to use Firefox right to your fingertips.  Is it worth using?

Once installed, you are left with what is really an almost empty Firefox window.  The only browser interface elements that remain are the title bar, the search box, the scroll bar and that is about it.  Here is a little more about the project from Mozilla Labs:

Home Dash is the newest Prospector experiment to improve search and content discovery in Firefox. It removes all the standard web browser interface like the location bar, search bar and tabs; and leaves behind just a Firefox logo that is used to bring up a dashboard. Here on the right-hand side, Home Dash has found my top 24 sites and organized them based on my browsing behavior. While still far from it’s end goal, this was the original idea of making a browse-based browser (as opposed to a search-based one).

Overall, I thought it was an interesting user interface to try out – but I am not ready to retire the current browser interface just yet.  I am excited to see what they do with it in the future.  Almost makes me think of Firefox as a operating system when you go full screen, rather than just a web browser.

If you are running Firefox 4, you can try out this add-on immediately without even having to restart Firefox. Go pick it up at the Mozilla Add-ons website and learn more about it over at the Mozilla Labs.

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