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Game On Finalists

Back in October I told you about the Mozilla Labs Game On competition. The guys at Mozilla now have selected 35 finalists in their game development competition and they are all online and ready for you to play. These games were the top qualified entries in the competition and are being evaluated for the prize awards. 

If you want to go check them out, you can do so on the Game On website. Here are a few of my favorites:

  • A to B

    A physics based game where the goal is simply to get the ball from point A to B. Each level, you get a set of modifiers.

  • Dave’s Galaxy

    4x MMO Strategy game on top of a google maps style interface. Instead of sending bitmap tiles, the map is built client side with Javascript and SVG.

  • DrunkenWeb

    A game to test your mixology skills and help you learn how to bartend.

  • Favimon

    Favimon is a web-based game in which you battle your favorite websites, building a collection of icons as you attempt to conquer the web.

  • Grave Danger

    GraveDanger is an action puzzle game based on chaining color groups together to race against the clock. Created by two friends in about one month.

  • Mad Tanks TD

    Tower Defense game. Mad tanks attacks your base, you have to defend it. Please read in-game help for keyboard shortcuts.

Go check out the rest of the submissions and let me know which ones you liked playing. The winners of the Mozilla Labs Game On competition will be announced on Thursday, February 3. 

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