Tweet Line

Tweet Line for Firefox

Want to display your Twitter timeline on the toolbar in Firefox? It is easy to do with Tweet Line. This simple add-on for Firefox will give you your very own Twitter powered news ticker.  What tweets do you see? Well, after authorizing your Twitter account, you see tweets from all the people you follow.

Once installed, Tweet Line will take up one toolbar space.  Inside though, you have easy access to a picture of the tweeter, the twitter message from the friend you are following, and several tools to either navigate or interact with the messages themselves.

Here are some of the commands you will have at your fingertips from within the toolbar itself:

  • User icon
  • This user’s status
  • What application this user uses.
  • Update time
  • Current index / total number of downloaded statuses
  • Toggle favorite
  • Open update form
  • Open update form to reply to this user
  • Move to previous / next status. (Click with shift key then move per 5 updates and click with alt(option) key then move to first or last updates.)
  • Open popup menu
  • Collapse Tweet Line

If you find visiting a chore when it comes to seeing what people are up to, Tweet Line makes using Twitter just a little ‘bit easier.  You can pick up Tweet Line from the Firefox Add-ons website or learn more about it on the official Tweet Line website.

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