Disable Tab Switching in Firefox 4

One feature of Firefox 4 that I do find annoying is the "Switch to Tab" feature.  I have found a way to disable the default interaction though, so I wanted to share this little tip with all of you out there that may have already switched to Firefox 4 as your default browser.

What is so Bad About Switch to Tab?

Now, to set things up.  When you try to open the same webpage twice, rather than letting you do just that (in one or multiple running browsers) Firefox will suggest that you switch to the tab where you already have that webpage open. While some might find this useful, I find it to be a pain.  Sometimes I like to have multiple versions of the same webpage up and running.

So here is the fix. Lets say I want to open my review of Tab Scope up again in a separate tab. I type "tab scope" into the address bar and select the review from Firefox Facts.  No Firefox, I don’t want to switch to that tab, I want to open it again.

Firefox 4 Switch to Tab Option

Now, to disable the "Switch to tab" feature, simply hold down the Shift button and you get this instead:

Firefox 4 Switch to Tab Option Disabled

Click on the link in the address bar or hit the Enter key to open this webpage in another tab, rather than switching to the tab where the webpage is already open.

Hope this comes in handy, and hopefully when Firefox 4 goes public – they will have an easier way to disable this annoying feature.

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3 Responses to Disable Tab Switching in Firefox 4

  1. Dotan Cohen Feb/03 at 10:10 am #

    Thank you! I often have the same page open in multiple tabs, this will be very useful.

    • Girish Mony Feb/05 at 11:12 pm #

      Sorry but Switch to tab doesn’t open same page in multiple tabs.

  2. Girish Mony Feb/05 at 11:09 pm #

    Just type tab scope in your address bar and press the right arrow in your keyboard. No jump to tab now!!!!!!!!