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Instant Previews for Firefox

Now that I have been using Firefox 4 (as a beta) I can take a look at some of the neat add-ons I might have missed because they were not updated to run with the current version of Firefox.  One of these neat additions to the browser is Instant Previews.  With this Mozilla Labs created add-on, your browser will start loading webpages found in the awesome bar – without the need of clicking on them.

The idea here is that when you are searching through the address bar (aka the awesome bar) the suggestions will automatically start loading.  So by the time you find the page you want, it should already be loaded up and ready to use. This is all about speeding up the surfing process.

Here is a little more information from the developers:

This restartless add-on makes it so results that get highlighted in the Awesome Bar suggestions will automatically start loading, so by the time you confirm that the first result is the one you want, the page might be all ready for you to use. To glance at pages to check up on some information, e.g., the weather, stocks, or comics, let the page load as a preview, and once you are done, hit <Esc> to get rid of the preview and return to where you left off.

This is definitely an interesting feature – and I am excited to see where the Mozilla Labs team takes it in the future.  You can pick up Instant Previews on the Firefox Add-ons website.

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