Move That Firefox Button!

Move the Firefox ButtonDiving back into the world of customizing Firefox 4 to suit our needs, some people have complained about the new Firefox button and not being able to move or change it. Sure, it is just living up there at the top of the window – minding it’s own business. I say we need to find him a new home though, and thankfully we can with the Movable Firefox Button add-on for Firefox.

Once installed, this add-on will put the Firefox button in your tab bar as a default.  However, you can still move it around by right-clicking on the menu toolbar, then going to "Customize".  After doing so, you can drag the Firefox button to any location you want in the browser. 

Want to restore it to the default location? Simply uninstall the Movable Firefox Button add-on.

This will hopefully give those who want a little more control in Firefox 4 when it comes to customization a early Monday morning present.  There are other add-ons out there that will let you do more all-in-one tweaking to the Firefox 4 toolbar layout, but if you simply need to move the Firefox button then the Movable Firefox Button add-on will do the job for you.

You can pick up this add-on from the Firefox Add-ons website.

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