Updates and Improvements to F1

New Interface in F1

Mozilla’s social sharing button has gotten a few new improvements. F1, from Mozilla Labs is proposed to be a future default feature in a later version of Firefox, so think we should learn as much about it as we can.

The big update this time around is that the add-on now supports LinkedIn – so you can share things with your friends there. The interface has gotten a ‘bit of a facelift too.  Rather than expanding it’s interface down from the top of the browser, it shows a pop-up window that is more in-line with the Firefox 4 interface.

You also get a thumbnail picture preview when you share things on your Facebook account too.  I wish they would include the ability to post on Facebook fan pages – however, the new ability to post to your Facebook groups is a nice addition.

F1 is an add-on you have to try out if you are using Firefox 4 and have any sort of Facebook or Twitter-like social existence.  It might be about the best add-on I’ve seen when it comes to sharing links you have run across with family, friends and fans.

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One Response to Updates and Improvements to F1

  1. royalvampire Feb/24 at 3:58 am #

    I just turned to firefox from IE, so thanks for the info. I will try the F1 add-on right now. There is another website http://top5browsers.com also aiming to provide guides for users of firefox.