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Amazon is my proverbial Walmart when it comes to shopping.  I do probably 90% of my online shopping at Amazon, cause they always have what I need.  AmazonAssist is a new Firefox add-on that helps me find product information and promises to enhance my shopping experience.  Does it?

The idea here is simple.  The AmazonAssist add-on is suppose to help me discover relevant Amazon products while I surf around the Internet. As I search for products, the AmazonAssist add-on for Firefox will use my search keywords to find matching products on and will display them in a different search result panel.

To give a test drive, I searched for “NES” on Google:

AmazonAssist in Action

To it’s credit – the AmazonAssist (across the bottom of the window) did find relevant content as it related to my search. So yes, AmazonAssist works! If you see a product that interests you in the AmazonAssist window, simply click it and you will be taken to the listing for that product on the Amazon website.

Now for those of you worried about Amazon spying on you, they are straight forward when it comes to telling you what information they are looking at.

AmazonAssist collects information from certain websites you visit, including major search engine websites, in order to improve your search experience. If you also have an cookie, AmazonAssist will associate your web browsing information with your cookie and account information in order to help us further personalize your Amazon shopping experiences. If you do not want your web browsing information associated with your account, you can easily opt-out within the AmazonAssist application.

If you like to do all your shopping through Amazon, this add-on is simply a really handy addition to an already great service.  You can pick it up at the Firefox Add-ons website.

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