Firefox 4 Beta 12 Makes Debut

logo-wordmark-version-vertical-4After a day of Minecrafting and playing outside with my nephews and niece, I was surprised last night to find yet another Firefox 4 beta had been released.  Firefox 4 – Beta 12 is now available for download. So what has changed since the last beta? The big fix this time around is when it comes to delivering better performance when watching online videos.

In these 12 betas that have been released for Firefox 4, the Mozilla team has squashed more than 7,000 bugs.  I would say that is a pretty successful (but rather long) development cycle. Here is a little more about the process from the Mozilla Blog:

We are working closely with the community of add-on developers to ensure their Firefox Add-ons are ready to customize the features, look and functionality of Firefox 4 Beta. We couldn’t build Firefox 4 Beta without the help of our millions of beta testers and their feedback, which we welcome as we work to deliver an awesome experience to the more than 400 million Firefox users worldwide.

So, when will Firefox 4 finally be released? I’d say sometime in March is most likely.  To lean more about Firefox 4 – Beta 12, be sure to check out the release notes from

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