Open Web Apps

Open Web Apps from MozillaMozilla’s open and free alternative to Chrome’s web store is up and running. It might not be much to look at just yet, but it does show a lot of promise when it comes to how Mozilla will handle it’s own open web apps store. Developers who are interested in developing apps for the browser can do so very easily.  The OWA Application Manifest is now stable, so there is no more worry about changing code or policy there.

For users, you will have a handful of applications you can install directly into the browser – to see what this experience is going to be like once it is a little more fleshed out.  Currently there are only about 17 or so apps to try, but I am sure it will be expanded in the near future.

For developers, I would suggest you check out the Mozilla Labs details on some of the backend and exciting news that has been released as of late.

Check out the open web apps Mozilla has released thus far and let me know what type of web apps you’d like to see in the future.

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