Web O’ Wonder

Firefox 4 Design DemosWant to experience the future of the Web, today? Taking it’s lead from the famous "World of Tomorrow" events you used to see boasted about at the old World’s Fairs – this new website from Mozilla acts as a showcase of demos for what Firefox 4 can do.

In addition to the interactive demos the website delivers to you, you can also learn more about how each demo works and what technology is used to make it happen. The man navigation of the website divides the demos between HTML5, Design, Video and WEBGL.  Hopefully more demos will be added soon!

As a bonus, if you want to see more great demonstrations of what HTML, CSS and JavaScript can do – head on over to the Mozilla Demo Studio

If you are using the new Firefox 4 release candidate, then this is a website you should definitely check out.  Take a trip to Mozilla’s Web O’ Wonder and let me know what your favorite demo was.

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One Response to Web O’ Wonder

  1. M. Murray Mar/21 at 8:34 am #

    It would be a nice (user) tweak if the entire Fox didn’t reload after add-ons into a blank log-on screen, I know it’s a security issue, but clear all the personal input/auto-fill-ins and just wake the Fox up after he gobbles up a new meal right where U left him.