Mouse Control Power Tools

More Mouse ControlsNeed a way to quickly do more with your mouse when browsing the web using Firefox? The MouseControl add-on is a nifty tool that allows you to switch, close, quick return, duplicate and zoom just by clicking on your mouse buttons.

This fantastic little add-on for Firefox adds a lot to using the mouse and Firefox together.  Here are just a few of the mouse combinations that it brings to your browsing habits.

While holding down the right mouse button:

  • Scroll up/down to move focus between tabs
  • While scrolled away left click to return to the original tab
  • Left click without scrolling or after scrolling and back to original tab to jump to last used tab
  • Middle/scroll button click to close tab
  • Middle/scroll button down and hold to undo last closed tab
  • Middle/scroll button double click will close all tabs with same host name (Ex: is different from

While double clicking:

  • Double click right button to open new tab
  • Double click right button AND hold to duplicate current tab

While holding down the left mouse button:

  • Scroll up/down to zoom in/out
  • Middle click to reset zoom

This might be the best power tool when it comes to getting more out of using your mouse with Firefox.  You can pick up MouseControl from the Firefox add-ons website.

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