Archive and Search Your Facebook Likes

Like Journal for FirefoxSome of us do a lot of content sharing via Facebook.  You like to share news, links and interesting stuff with your friends and family members via Facebook too, right? If so – you might want to check out the new LikeJournal add-on for Firefox.  This add-on (plus website service) will create a searchable database of all the links you like via the Facebook like button.

LikeJournal’s main job is to help you keep track of both your own Facebook likes and those of your friends’ too.  It saves them all as social bookmarks, so yu can easily search and browse them in a single click.

The way this works is simple.  You only need to log into LikeJournal website.  After that, your likes from Facebook will be instantly pulled in and indexed so you can browse and search them through the extension or LikeJournal website. From then on – each new link you like will be added to your link list on  Even if you are without a like button on the website you are browsing, you can use the power of the LikeJournal add-on to share and archive any link, any time.

If you like (pun intended) both Firefox and Facebook, then you should give LikeJournal a shot.  You can download this add-on from the Firefox Add-ons website.

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One Response to Archive and Search Your Facebook Likes

  1. Barbara Apr/27 at 11:49 am #

    Thanks, Mitch … you always manage to dig up some interesting addons that I’ve never heard of. I think I’ll try this one.