Sync Firefox to Your Phone

Firefox Sync to PhoneKeeping everything synced up is rather easy these days, thanks to great new features like the sync option built into Firefox 4.  However, even after it has been set up – how do you get the most out of it? You could sync your desktop browser settings, bookmarks and passwords up with your cell phone.  Let me show you how to securely access your Firefox history, bookmarks, tabs and passwords on the go.

How to Setup Firefox Sync

For those of you who pay attention to my other projects on the web, you might have noticed my post about getting a my first cell phone.  I picked up the Droid X the other day, and one of the first applications I downloaded for it was Firefox 4. The browser experience is simple and very lightweight.  So with Firefox 4 on my desktop and my cell phone, how did I get them to talk to one another?

From your desktop Firefox install, click on the Firefox button and set up Firefox Sync.  You will be asked to fill out your email address, password and fill in a recpatcha to make sure you are not a robot. Now, do the same on your mobile device.  You will want to swipe to Tools > Preferences and tap on Setup Sync. You’ll then be given a unique single use sync code.  Go back to your desktop Firefox and click on the Firefox button, click on Options and then go to the Sync tab. From this window, click on "Add a Device" and enter the code on your cell phone.

Note: If your using an iPhone, the sync process will be a little different for you, since you will have to use Firefox Home instead.  Check here for more details on how to get that set up and running.

Using Firefox sync has made my transition between my new cell phone and my desktop much easier.

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