Add Tabs to the Title Bar

Tabs in Titlebar

Need more space in your Firefox toolbars and menus? If you want to eliminate some dead space in the browser, then you need the Tabs Always in Titlebar add-on for Firefox. This extension for Firefox will bump your tabs up a level – giving yourself a little more minimalistic view of your default Firefox GUI.

Once you install this restart-less add-on, it will bump your browser tabs up to the same level you see the Firefox button.  I have been looking for a simple way to do this since Firefox 4 came out – and now that we are already on Firefox 5 – I am happy to see somebody got around to creating an add-on to meet my needs.

If you are using a netbook, this is an excellent add-on to add because it gives you more room to check out the content you want to see.  You can pick up Tabs Always In Titlebar add-on from the Firefox Add-ons website.

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