White and Bright Firefox Theme

Simple White for Firefox

Who bleached my Firefox? If you are going for a minimal and clean interface, you can do no better than the Simple White theme for Firefox.  This extremely all white theme of Firefox might sound a like a ‘bit of an oddity at first – but once you use it for a while, you will really appreciate the simplicity of it all.

This theme brings a whole new meaning to the phrase, "having a clean interface". Several more features have been added to this theme, other than just turning the theme white:

  • Width of tabs has been reduced
  • Unselected tabs are semitransparent (when Aero is turned on)
  • Better compatibility with Windows XP

If you want a way to de-clutter your desktop, then going with this minimal, modern and simple theme might be the best way to start.

The Simple White theme has been tested to work on Windows 7, XP and Ubuntu 10.10. You can download the Simple White theme for Firefox from the Firefox Add-ons website or the official Simple White website.

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