How to Get Add-ons for Firefox Mobile

Firefox MobileI have been using Firefox on my Droid X phone for a while now and love it.  Sure, there are a few faults to it – but overall Mozilla has done a great job at developing a mobile phone browser, plain and simple.  One issue I ran into early on though was I didn’t know where to get the special add-ons for the mobile version of the browser.  Some add-ons might work in both the desktop and mobile versions of Firefox, but others do not. 

So, where should you turn to get the Mobile Add-ons for your favorite browser?

Head over to the special Firefox Mobile Add-ons website. Here, you can find a significantly smaller list of extensions that have been written with the Mobile version of Firefox in mind.

Some of your old Firefox favorites, like AdBlock Plus, NoScript and Speed Dial are available.  Who knows, you might find a few new favorites too.

So, with that idea out there – let me know in the comments if you would like to see me do more mobile only add-on reviews in the future here on Firefox Facts.  For the most part, this website has been pretty focused on the desktop only version of Firefox since the beginning – but if you’d like for me to branch out let me know and I will do my best.

You can check out the mobile friendly versions of the Firefox Add-ons on the Mobile Add-ons website.

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