Better History Search in Firefox

RecallMonkeyFirefox’s history features have always been a little lacking if you need to do any real heavy duty searching for something you browsed through before.  One add-on from Mozilla Labs that is looking to change that is RecallMonkey.  It gives you more powerful searching options when it comes to browsing through the Firefox browser history.

RecallMoney takes a page from the search engines out there and put together a pretty nice search engine on top the the Firefox history database.  All results are ranked depending on the relevancy of the keyword you search.   Here are a few more details about the extension from the developers:

Then, we added on some other features like filtering by time and the ability to “pin” websites. For example, you remember that article on water was on Quora, so you can pin Quora (by clicking on its domain name) while searching to prioritize its results. RecallMonkey lets you pin up multiple sites at the same time.

You can learn more about RecallMonkey via the Mozilla Labs blog or pick it up for yourself on the Firefox Add-ons website.

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