Combine Search and Address Boxes

Instantfox ReviewFor all the things that the most recent versions of Firefox have done for simplifying the interface, why do we still need to have a separate box for searches? If you are like me and are needing a way to simplify the browser even more – try out Instantfox.

Instantfox does much more than just eliminate the need for the search box.  You can also get results instantly as you type and loads up content on the fly.  There is some memorization needed to remember the quick search key-letters to type on to the address bar to do your searches.

g » for Google Search
i » for Google Images
m » for Google Maps
y » for Youtube
t » for Twitter
w » for Wikipedia
a » for Amazon
e » for eBay
c » for Calculator

Now, while some might see this as a drawback – I actually see this as a useful feature. This means I can use Instantfox when I see fit and it doesn’t totally replace the way Firefox handles the address bar. In everyday use, the Firefox address bar is the same as it always was.  However, if you type in g then a space and then type out a keyword – you are searching Google instantly.  I like that.

Want to learn more about this amazing little add-on for Firefox? Head on over to

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5 Responses to Combine Search and Address Boxes

  1. Bryan Price Jul/18 at 11:09 am #

    I’ve just set up keyworded search bookmarks, and have just dragged the search part off the program to begin with. Although I went with go for regular Google, gi for Google images, ebay for Ebay, amazon for Amazon and a whole raft of others. And I set up my home page as a cheat sheet (scroll all the way to the end)

    Oh, and maintenance is a breeze, everything is set using text files, and I have two different Powershell (former Basic, but when I lept to 64-bit Windows, no more Basic for me!) programs that create the file. I just got it working with make, and it even uploads automatically when needed.

  2. Raj Jul/20 at 11:58 am #

    Why not “Omnibar Extension”. One of the best and useful extensions for Firefox, almost duplicate search bar of Chrome. Here is the link

  3. Mercedes-benz Biome Jul/23 at 2:03 am #

    Sure, I’ll checkout Instantfox.

  4. CATALIN Aug/03 at 4:44 am #

    why complicate things?
    This is already happening without any add-on. You insert a keyword in the address bar and google takes you to the page you look or on the google search site. And who wants to remember all that shortcuts? Firefox had a system of keywords at the beginning at I think it exists even now but I don’t think that many of firefox users use them.

  5. celebhubs Aug/07 at 5:11 am #

    I Like to Use Instantfox, Search made easy