Web FWD – Community Driven Innovation

Web FWDMozilla is looking to expand innovation through its own incubator program for the open web. Web FWD is a new program that is designed from the ground up to help build up projects that focus around open web technologies.  Teams will be invited to work within Mozilla offices for four weeks where they will be teamed u with some of the greatest minds inside of Mozilla and have access to all the Mozilla resources too.  If you are an open source web developer, this should be a dream come true.

Mozilla is not out to make money or to have a stake in whatever gets developed there.  All code that is written in the four week period must be open sourced. If you are able to really develop something cool and worth of investing money in, Mozilla may also add additional funding and resources to the project too. 

Overall, Web FWD looks like Mozilla’s offer to the Internet to just make it better – plain and simple.  They want innovative people with amazing ideas to step forward and work with them to bring their ideas to life.  To learn more about the project, be sure to check out webfwd.org.

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