Bookmark Highlighter

Bookmark Highlighter for Firefox

Need a way to easily highlight links you already have bookmarked while you are browsing the Web? The Bookmark Highlighter add-on for Firefox will get the job done.  This quick and easy add-on for Firefox will highlight links to any URLs on a webpage that are currently saved to your bookmarks.

The functionality of this add-on might be a little limited, but it does come in handy – should the situation ever arise.  For example, you could be going through your own website, making sure you had all your category pages bookmarked for quicker reference.  Also, it can act as a quick reminder of when you do have a page bookmarked – so you don’t feel the need to save it again.  That alone would help cut down on duplicate bookmarks a lot.

While it might not be functional for day to day use, I can see where Bookmark Highlighter might come in handy for a few special situations or projects. You can pick it up from the Firefox Add-ons website.

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