New Project: Mitchcraft!

This is just a quick public service announcement to let you know that I have a new project in the works.  As many of you know, Firefox Facts is not my only website.  I also host the Web Hosting Show podcast and do some tech reviews at Mitchelaneous. I am also now starting a YouTube series called Mitchcraft.

In Mitchcraft, I will be playing Minecraft.  For those of you unaware of the game, the best way to describe it would be Legos mixed with a role playing game.  Your goal is to mine and collect supplies so you can build new things.  It is very open ended and lends itself well to basing a series around it.  I’ll be recording myself playing the game and invite all my Firefox Facts fans to tune in and check it out.

Just visit my YouTube channel page and click on the “Subscribe” link at the top. New videos will also be posted on too.  I’d love to hear your comments too on what you’d like to see me do and build.  This series will be as much for you as it is for me, so give me your feeback and be sure to “like” a few of my videos too.  It is nice to know you guys are out there.

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