App Tab Initializer

App Tab RecoveryNeed to open a preferred set of App Tabs when Firefox is started? After my post about App Tabs, DarkMan72 mentioned that it still gave him trouble. If you clear your browser cookies often, App Tabs might give you problems.  Here are his thoughts:

Unfortunately, it’s enough to regularly clean your system of cookies to make App Tabs not work. On my work computer, I run CCleaner on daily basis and the App Tabs I set up don’t work. Therefore, I installed a wonderful App Tab Initializer addon, but still find it strange that such a great functionality cannot work on its own…

So with that said, I thought I would give App Tab Initializer a shot and I have to say, it does exactly as reported. If you automatically clear your browser history upon closing Firefox, this add-on will allow you to keep your favorite App Tabs up and running. App Tab Initializer lets you grab the list of open App Tabs from your current browser and store it. When you start Firefox it will open your preferred set of App Tabs.

You can pick up App Tab Initializer from the Firefox Add-ons website.

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