Shine Bright Skin

Shine Bright Skin for FirefoxLooking for a shinny new theme for Firefox? The Shine Bright Skin is definitely worth checking out. It gives your Firefox interface a much more polished and shinny look to it.  The toolbars all give the appearance of sticking out a ‘bit more than they really do (as if they were popping out at you) while the buttons stay the same or similar to the default Firefox theme.

Tabs, with this new theme, will seem to fade into the background a ‘bit more.  You get a much more glass-like interface – especially if you are a Windows Vista or Windows 7 user. This theme is the fourth most popular theme on the Firefox Add-ons website, so it must have something going for it.  However, there are a few too many odd graphical bugs that might keep me from using it all the time.  For example, the new tab button seems to overlay on top of the last tab.  Little things like that might not bug some – but they do bug me.

Want to give it a shot? You can download the Shine Bright Skin for Firefox from the Firefox Add-ons website.

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