Right-Click Route to Private Browsing Mode

Firefox Private Browsing Mode LauncherFirefox’s private browsing mode is pretty sweet when it comes to surfing the Web and hiding your tracks, however it is still relatively difficult to get into.  Due to this fact, many people forget it is there or never use the private browsing mode feature.  I have found an extension though that allows you to right-click any link and choose to open the link in the private browsing mode in Firefox.  It’s name is Open in Private Browsing Mode.

This extension isn’t just obviously named – it also works wonders too.  Once installed, you can right-click on any link and choose the option “Open Link in Private Browsing Mode”. Not sure if this would be useful? Here are a few examples from the extension developer of how this add-on might come in handy.

  • You click around Amazon, and suddenly you see an item that you think would make a great gift for your partner, who uses the same computer.
  • You encounter an ad for a really silly item that you really want to check out but are too embarrassed to admit.
  • Your detour through the depths of Wikipedia gets so absurd that you’d rather not have those pages show up in your browsing history.

Want to give it a shot? You can pick up Open in Private Browsing Mode from the Firefox Add-ons website.

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  1. fabrixx Dec/26 at 9:41 am #

    Thank You very Useful!!

    Compliments for the blog

    • Mitch Dec/27 at 8:21 am #

      Thanks, happy to hear you enjoyed the post. :)