FVD Speed Dial

Want to keep all of your favorite websites within your immediate reach? Try out FVD Speed Dial.  This add-on for Firefox will save you time.  Gone are the days where you have to browse through a countless amount of bookmarks to find the page you wish to browse.  Everything is right there and in your face with this speed dial extension.

These speed dial add-ons, really make getting to your favorite select number of pages very easy.  Another benefit of doing things this way is you have a much more visually pleasing way to check out your favorite websites.

Speed Dial in Action

Here are some of the additional features worth mentioning:

  • Blocking by URL or Domain – this feature allows you to exclude unwanted URLs from the Speed Dial.
  • Background templates (similar to wallpapers in Windows) in browser window.
  • Double click on the space near to search form and search minimizes it. Double click on the white space near to Dials allows to hide them too.
  • Hold the left mouse button and move the mouse to the right or to the left in order to switch from one mode to another.
  • Available modes are: Speed Dial, Most Visited, Recently Closed
  • Four thumbnail sizes: Big, Medium, Small, List (just a list for those who prefer a compact view)
  • Customizable color of the background. A flexible palette of colors is available.
  • Several modes for setting the background image: Fill, Fit, Stretch, Tile, Center same as in Windows.
  • Customizable font size and color in Speed Dial. A flexible palette of colors is available.
  • Activation/Deactivation Favicon+Title and URL under the Dials
  • Activate or deactivate Flash, Silverlight and Java Script when creating a screenshot for the Dial.
  • Customizable page opening mode in the Speed Dial: in the current tab, in a new tab (Hotkey: Ctrl+Click), in a background tab (Hotkey:Ctrl+Shift+Click).
  • Customizable number of rows in the Speed Dial. Auto mode available.

Want to give it a shot? You can download the FVD Speed Dial add-on for Firefox from the Firefox Add-ons website.

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  1. fabrixx Feb/13 at 1:31 pm #

    LOl like Midori Speed Dial