Visualizing Your Reused Passwords

Password Reuse VisualizerTime and time again, people have suggested that you use multiple passwords for multiple websites.  Using the same password over and over again might eventually lead you to trouble – should one of the many accounts you have across the Web ever be compromised. The Password Reuse Visualizer is, if nothing else, a great reminder of this.

This add-on will give you a visualization of your password use in conjunction with the websites you use any specific password on.  Here is a little more about the extension from the developers:

The visualization is fairly intuitive, but here’s a quick summary of what this tool will tell you. The green nodes represent distinct passwords you use. Hover over them to see a visual hash of your password, and click to view your password in clear text. The visual hashes are produced the same way as in the visual hashing add-on. The blue nodes represent individual sites you use, and they’re connected, by blue edges, to the green password nodes you use on that site.

Want to give it a shot? You can pick up the Password Reuse Visualizer from the Firefox Add-ons website.

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