Firefox Not Overtaken Yet

Chrome vs FirefoxMany people have been betting on the fact that Google Chrome might overtake Firefox as the dominate alternative browser to Internet Explorer.  To those of you who like to follow this web browser soap opera – I’ve got another twist and/or turn that you will love.  According to Net Applications, the overthrowing of Firefox might not happen at all.

According to the data, it seem that Chrome usage is actually on a little ‘bit of a decline while Firefox’s numbers are coming back up.  Here is a little more about the facts and figures from PC World:

Whereas in January Chrome accounted for 18.94 percent, that figure fell slightly to 18.90 percent in February, the latest data shows. As for Firefox, it inched forward from 20.88 percent to 20.92 percent over the same time period.

Chrome’s January figure also showed a decline from December, when it was at 19.11 percent.

Internet Explorer, meanwhile–which is still the leader–fell from 52.96 percent to 52.84 percent between January and February, Net Applications says.

So, will Firefox be able to hold on to the market share it has or not? Let me know your thoughts! You can also take the poll on our Facebook Fan Page too!

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3 Responses to Firefox Not Overtaken Yet

  1. Daniel Mar/06 at 8:41 am #

    With latest changes in privacy policies, it wouldn’t be surprising to see the trend continue in Firefox’s favor. has shown quite a bit of momentum as alternative to Google search.

    • Mitch Mar/07 at 8:52 am #

      Yep, I totally agree Daniel.

  2. janet lee Mar/20 at 10:03 am #

    I’m totally hooked on the Web Developer 3d. Firefox you rock dude.