Reorganize or Remove Right-Click Menu Items

Menu Editor for FirefoxIs your right-click context menu in Firefox getting a little bloated? If you go through a lot of extensions for Firefox, you can sometimes end up with more items in the right-click menu than you want.  Then again, sometimes you might just want to move one option to the top while leaving lesser used options at the bottom.  The Menu Editor extension for Firefox will let you customize that right-click context menu.

We have all seen the mess that is created when you right-click on something and see 200 options to choose from.  There is no way you can easily find the menu item you are looking for.  The Menu Editor add-on allows you to reorganize or remove options from the right-click menu to make things a little more tidy.  You can also use this add-on to reorganize or remove things from the main menu bar (the options you get when you click the big orange Firefox button). 

This add-on does a great job at getting rid of annoying menu items that you never use.  If you want to pick it up and try it yourself, you can download the Menu Editor add-on from the Firefox Add-ons website.

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