Show a Full Preview of the Link


With PeekURL you can see a preview of a shortened website address.  This tool comes in handy because it can confirm that you are not being sent to a “bad” website.

Here is a little more about the add-on for Firefox from the developers:

That means one extra click, but it also means more peace of mind. PeekURL also plays YouTube, MTV, and MySpace videos directly in the page. You can create a shortened URL using an icon in the add-on bar or using an item in the context menu. The context menu item operates on the page as a whole or on individual links in the page. After a link is created, it’s copied to your clipboard.

It should also be mentioned that you can also set up these options in the options pane:

  • Whether to show notifications or not.
  • Whether to show the add-on bar icon or not.
  • Whether to show a “goodbye” message or not (if you don’t like the add-on or the service, please let me know why).
  • The keyboard shortcut to use, if any.

Want to try PeekURL out? Head on over to the Firefox Add-ons website and install it.

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