Tumblr Toolbar Publishing

Tumblr Firefox Extension

Using Tumblr to share things with family, friends and people you know on the web?  It is a great blogging service that lets you make your posts as complicated or as simple as you would like.  With the tools they provide, you can easily post text, photos, a quote, video or links.  If you grab the Tumblr add-on for Firefox, you can share all these great things with your friends even faster.

Here is a little more about the add-on from the developers:

Find something cool while you’re browsing other sites? Just hit the browser extension and effortlessly post text, photos, quotes, links, music, and videos to your blog. Hint: If you’re familiar with our Bookmarklet, you already know how to use the browser extension!

Want to publish to Tumblr from the Firefox toolbar? Pick up the Tumblr add-on for Firefox from the Firefox Add-ons website to get started.

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