Edit Saved Firefox Passwords

saved-passwordsNeed to add or edit entries in the Firefox password manager? The Saved Password Editor extension for Firefox gives you this ability. The extension allows you to enter data into the password manager database instead of replying on Firefox to do it.  It also allows you to make changes to existing entries too.  If you want full control over the passwords your browser saves, this is a great add-on to grab.

When it comes to web forms, here is a little more information from the developer:

    1. Navigate to the page containing the login form.
    2. Right-click on one of its fields and select from among “Save login info” (to create a new entry), “Edit login info”, and “Delete login info”.
    3. If another popup appears, select the username for the entry you want to operate on.
    4. If adding a new entry, everything except the username and password should be filled in automatically. Fill in anything that is missing or incorrect.
    5. If adding or editing an entry, reload the page or return later. If the form doesn’t get autofilled, most likely the page is asking the browser not to autofill it by declaring autocomplete=”off”. Try clicking twice on the username field and selecting from the dropdown list. Here is a video explaining the work around:

If needed, there is also a short tutorial video you can check out to learn more about Saved Password Editor:

You can download Saved Password Editor from the Firefox Add-on website.  It is a great add-on to use if you want to edit or add user names and passwords to Firefox. 

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