Clear History for One Website in Firefox

Clear History in Firefox

Having problems with something working on one website you want to visit? Firefox allows you to clear the history for one specific website very easily.  It could be that temporary data or cookies for that website is causing you problems.  Here is how you can clear the history for that website.

The first thing you will want to do is click on the Firefox button, and then go to the History menu.  From there, click on “Show All History”.

Next, at the top right corner – type in part of the website that is giving you problems.  Then, press Enter.

In the list the shows, right-click on the website you want Firefox to forget about and then select Forget About This Website.

Close the Firefox Library window and you are done!

This feature comes in handy if your user name or password isn’t working for that specific website or any other number of issues.  It is a good Firefox fact to remember, just in cause you run into any problems with specific website in the browser.

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