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Panic Button for FirefoxAfraid somebody is peeking at your browsing habits behind you?  Don’t have time to shut down Firefox the right way? The Panic Button extension for Firefox provides the quickest way to hide all the browser buttons in a stroke of the mouse.

Some of the features include:

  • Configurable Panic Button action. You can choose one of the following: Hide All Windows (the fastest option; a Restore Session toolbar appears after all Firefox app windows close so that you can bring back the browser windows later), Minimize All Windows (slowest option – but all windows, including ancillary app windows like Help, View Source, Bookmarks/Places, etc. can be restored), Quit (close all windows and quit Firefox), or Hide and Replace (hides all browser windows and replaces them with a browser window displaying a web page at a specific URL; click on the Panic Button again to restore the browser session).
  • You can set the Panic Button toolbar button caption and image. There are 20 toolbar button images to choose from. An image file on your computer can also be used.
  • Press F9 (Command+F9 on the Mac) to invoke the Panic Button action; shortcut key can be disabled.

Here is a little more about the Firefox add-on from the developers:

Don’t want the boss to catch you surfing the Web on company time? Don’t want your teacher, classmates, roommate or significant other to see the Web sites you’re viewing? With Panic Button, a single click of a toolbar button will quickly hide all Firefox windows — bring them back by clicking a button on the Restore Session toolbar.

Once the Panic Button is installed, you can add it to the browser toolbar by going to Views > Toolsbars > Customize and then drag the button where you want it in the browser layout. 

Overall, this is a great add-on for extra  security – you can pick up the Panic Button add-on for Firefox from the Firefox Add-ons website.

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