How to Clear Your History in Firefox

Clear Browser History

Clearing your Firefox history is a pretty easy thing to do,  but just in case you have not ever done it – here is a quick crash course on how you can get this done.  Why would you want to make sure you clear your browser history?  Well, it comes in handy to make sure you are seeing the most recent version of any webpage you frequently visit.  Also, having too much information saved in the browser can slow it down.

The first thing you will want to do is click on the Firefox button and then go over to the History menu option.  Next, click on “Clear Recent History…”.

Your next option will be to choose how much history you want to clear.  You can clear it out for the last hour, last two hours, last four hours, today or everything.  If you click on “Details” you can see what elements of your history you are actually clearing from the browser.

When you are ready to clean things up, just click the “Clear Now” button.

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  1. Angel Dec/24 at 3:44 am #

    do you have tool to remover all the components firefox