Mark Important Tabs in Firefox


Need to mark some tabs as being more important than others? Firefox has the solution for you.  Important Tabs, a great new add-on for Firefox will let you mark some tabs as more important than others.  This can really come in handy when you need to close all your tabs except a few more that you might still need.

This first review of the great add-on says a lot:

Splendid!! Was looking for years for something like this :). Too bad this is not popularized so much and takes ages to find if you don’t know the name and only have a vague idea… Please do not abandon this (if only you can) as many developers do… Thanks again.This extension is fantastic5 star reviews should be rare- and this one earns it! I played with it for quite a while before reviewing it and the more I use it the more I like it! Something of a unique add-on. Recommend it to all users.

Want to give Important Tabs a shot? Head over to the Firefox Add-ons website to install it and give it a shot!

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