Auto Clear History in Firefox

Auto Clear History in FirefoxYour browsing history in Firefox can very easily be cleared automatically.  This can save you a lot of time, because there are a lot of things that it grabs and keeps that you might not need for it to.  So, this is a very quick and easy guide to get this done within Firefox.

Click on the Firefox button at the top of the browser, and then click on Options.

Next, you want to select the Privacy panel and look down at the “History” section.

Under “Firefox will:” you need to select:

Use custom settings for history

Now, a little further down, click the check mark box for “Clear history when Firefox closes”.  If you click on the “Settings” button to the right of that, you can configure what exactly Firefox will save and what it will clear once you close the browser. After picking the history to be cleared, click “OK” to close the settings for clearing history – and then click “OK” one more time to close the Options window.

Now, Firefox will only save the data you want it to when you close and start the browser.

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  1. shamsinyahsin Dec/23 at 8:23 am #

    Hal ini yet masuk kepada untuk orang lain,teman serumah burung kakak tua,dsb.

    • shamsinyahsin Dec/23 at 8:26 am #

      Hal ini ter mausk kepada untuk orang lain,teman bunga burung kakak tua,dsb.