What Is Not Saved in Private Browsing

Private BrowsingThe private browsing feature in Firefox is beyond helpful if you need to browse without people finding out what it is you are looking at.  You might know what is usually saved when you browse online, but do you know what private browsing does not save?  Here is the full list, for your information:

Cookies – Cookies saved in your browser usually are a small piece of data sent rom a website to store your information when you browse a website.

Items You’ve Downloaded – Once you exit out of private browsing mode, any and all items you’ve downloaded will not be tracked in Firefox’s download history. The items will still be downloaded to your PC (unless you erase them yourself).

Passwords – User names and passwords will also not be saved in private browsing mode.  This will prevent the browser from remembering when you log into password protected websites.

Form and Search Bar History – Usually when using Firefox, words you type into the search box and text forms will be saved.  However, once you finish with private browsing mode, these will not be saved.

Visited Pages – Firefox will not keep a log of websites you visit (in history or cache) when you are using private browsing mode.

You should know that any new bookmarks that are created while you are in private browsing mode will not be removed when you return to regular browsing.  Hopefully this information will help you out the next time you need to browse in secret while using Firefox.

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