Bookmarklets 101

Learn About BookmarkletsBookmarklets are small applets that are stored as the URL of a bookmark in a web browser.  They are in no way unique to Firefox (you can use most with any other browser out there). When clicked, rather than taking you just to a specific page – they might perform another function that you need to do.  Most of the time, these are written in JavaScript.  Now, you don’t need to be any type of programmer to use them and I have found  a great resource for you to use to find a lot more.

Head on over to  This resource lists hundreds of different bookmarklets that you can use in the browser.  Here are some of the ones that are currently rated the highest.

This is only a small sample of their selection though.  So, go check out all the bookmarklets there they have for you to use and let them know that Firefox Facts sent you over!

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